why do i have these wierd feelings after smoking a cigerette?

after smoking a cig i get palpitations and start shaking or getting hype
i get drowsy and my body shakes for no reason
i only smoke 4-5 a day and i dont them smoke in a row
after a while the conditions stop

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4 Responses to why do i have these wierd feelings after smoking a cigerette?

  1. Mariss says:

    It’s from the Carbon Monoxide that you’re inhaling.

  2. musicanimeluuver says:

    Dont try to make it seem not as bad as it is its probaly because every time you smoke you die and and brain cells die and you become oblivoius to how smoking is And you know how old i am 11 and im smart enough to know its stupid

  3. Cannabliss says:

    Its probably just a buzz

  4. Josh says:

    You’re very sensitive to nicotine, which is a strong stimulant, and it sounds like you’re smoking too much for your tolerance. Paradoxically, smoking more increases tolerance to nicotine, these symptoms would go away (actually be reduced, your blood pressure will always go up and you’ll get a bit of a tremor).

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