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IS their a cure or some type of surgery to get rid out pro long qt syndrome?

I have this heart condition i absolutely hate having it! if theirs any surgery to permanently get rid of it please tell me it would be much appreciated. and im also 16 and having heart palpitations chest pain and chest … Continue reading

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Could my 15 year old daughter have Marfan’s syndrome?

She has a protruding collarbone, which just seems to be getting worse. She is short (5 feet) yet she has very long arms. Her arm span is 5 feet 6 inches. She also has some of the other signs-very flexible … Continue reading

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Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome: Chest Pains

A mitral valve prolapse syndrome (MVPS) patient is very aware of his/her heart beats. Of the many MVPS symptoms, a variety of chest pain is one most frightening to the patient. PALPITATIONS: Palpitations caused by MVPS are harmless. They can … Continue reading

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