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Do you See what small miracles can do?

Do you believe in small miracles which keep on showing us the real meaning of being alive and also create the vital difference to our emotional wellbeing. There are many wonders in the world like colorful sunset, the kindness of … Continue reading

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Can a small thyroid nodule cause symptoms?

Doctor’s have sent me blood work 3 times end it is always normal, but i had an ultrasound done and i have a small nodule on left side of my thyroid my thyroids lookes abnormal. and have symptoms like tremors … Continue reading

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Can a LQTS patient remain asymptomatic with small bursts of Tdp lasting for less than a second?

Can a patient affected with congenetal LQTS experiencing Tdp for a second remain conscious experiencing spells of dizziness or a momentry loss of breath followed by heavy palpitations then regain normalcy.

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Is it dangerous to ingest small amounts of tea tree oil?

Ive been applying to my cold sore and some of it gets in my mouth, is this dangerous, I do feel what seems to be palpitations after I begin tasting the tea tree oil. Thanks for the advice in advance.

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