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i feel like chest tightness all the time, as if i wanna scream in pain. what should i do?

i am a 27 years old girl. its been happening for a while. i feel sad all the time. i dont enjoy doing anything at all. and the pain in my chest is getting worse. i also have palpitation sometimes. … Continue reading

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one very strong heartbeat I could feel in my head palpitation maybe?HELP?

So I have had anxiety but I havent had problems with it, sometimes I get heart palpitations, but they havent happened in a while. What happened was I was sitting on my couch with my laptop, (which I have been … Continue reading

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can heart palpitations feel like constant muscle twitches?

basically around my chest and breasts it feels like i’ve got constant muscle twitches and i think it may be heat palpitations. because my breasts are all twitchy, do you think this will cause saggy boobs?

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Heart Palpitations Causing Heart Race, Feel Parasites Moving, Biting, and Pinching

I am Angie Lindsey, an ordinary woman who is fully dedicated to share my knowledge and information about health issues. I run numerous health websites and has written many articles, including muscle pain for candida article, and yeast infection beets … Continue reading

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I feel like I’m going to get a heart attack when I get close to climaxing?

Should I go see a cardiologist for this? Because I got a few strong palpitations when I was nearing my climax. It freaked me out…now I’m afraid to climax.

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Is it strange to feel better with higher glucose levels?

My target range is a level of 124 or less. but when i get my levels within that range, I develop heart palpitations and the shakes. Is this normal? I was diagnosed in Aug. 2006

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i have no energy in the day and palpitations at night and my legs feel heavy im 27 male skinny had palps?

for years and no real answers from docs this is annouing especially cause i thought by eating healthy and no caffeine they would go away but there just as bad please help.im going nuts i havent had peace of mind … Continue reading

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