sudden fast and irregular heart beat in female age 20?

I generally have heart palpitations even during rest and may be thats due to anxiety.
But now i get sudden palpitations in which i miss my heart beat, its irregular like misses 9-10 beats a minutes with 100-125 beats/min.
any ideas what shd i do abt it?

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  1. Karan Tharma says:

    It is commonly due to anxiety or excess amount of
    caffeine, which is found in coffee, tea and energy drinks.
    Iron deficiency anemia also causes palpitations.
    You can read the symptoms of iron deficiency by
    clicking the link.

  2. Delboy says:

    Go to see a doctor. It could just be something minor, like stress or anxiety. It could also be something more serious, so get it checked out.

    I had palpitations when I was younger and it turned out I had a medical condition call “SVT”.

    This is a link to wiki that will tell you everything about it. I reckon it may be something minor but get checked out just to be safe.

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