Should i see a doctor for this?

I have been having some serious problems lately and i’m wondering what this could lead to. I have been feeling very tired and weak, i have had restless legs in the day and during the night. I have also had unusual palpitations in unusual situations, is this serious?

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  1. thelau says:

    That’s not serious, just ride it out for another week and then re-evalutate.

  2. Rajinder says:

    To get relief follow the undermentioned routine.

    Do not sleep for at least 3 hours after a meal. This is most important.

    1. First 3 days

    Drink 2 glasses of water before each meal. So total should be 6 glasses a day. Stop all other liquids.

    For example if you take lunch at 2.00 pm, take 1 glass each at 1.00 and 1.30 pm. Some deviations from suggested times are ok.

    Do not drink water after 7 PM.

    2. Next 2 days

    Reduce water intake to 3 glasses day. 1 Glass before each meal.

    3. Next 2 days

    Reduce water intake to 1 glass day.

    4. Next

    Repeat 2 and 3 again and again.

    After 1 month repeat 1,2and 3.

  3. starr says:

    Sounds like anxiety. See a doctor.

  4. tj says:

    Tired and weak can be due to an iron deficiency. Try taking an iron supplement about 3 times a week, not daily so to avoid constipation, then rest as needed as you will be tired from the leg pains. I’d say that you possibly are standing on your feet too long at one time in a day and straining leg muscles possibly. So at night they are feeling restless to cause you to lose sleep and be tired then.
    I’d say the unusual palpitations or heart /pulse racing feeling can be due to the concern over this too. For leg pain try sitting during the evening if you are on your feet alot in the day.

    IF you soak in a warm tub or apply a heating pad to the legs a while and don’t feel relief, then see a doctor to best follow up on how to relieve that problem if you want/need a peace of mind, help in this.

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