I’ve heard there’s some caffeine in decaf coffee. What about caffeine-free soda?

I’ve been noticing lately when I drink diet, caffeine-free soda I get heart palpitations. I have greatly reduced my food intake to lose weight and caffeine doesn’t give me a “lift” anymore. Do I have a blood-sugar problem? Is it the aspartame in diet soda that’s causing this? My blood pressure is normal (take meds).
Does anyone have an idea what’s causing this? Thanks!

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  1. Lakely says:

    Aspartame and all those chemicals…. really, there are so many unknowns with regard to those things. Best thing to do is to look for natural alternatives that have no chemicals added to them. Just try it for a while and you will answer your own question about the effect that it has on you, since everyone is different.

  2. glndlong says:

    The fake sugars they use in diet sodas and drinks effect me badly too– they cause me to feel very anxious and I have heart palpitations all the time anyway–but no–I can’t tolerate fake sugar of any kind.

  3. The Stig says:

    To ensure that the coffee or soda that you are drinking is caffeine free, check the label and call the Consumer Hotline. They can tell you if there is any caffeine in it at all.

    And yes, you may have a blood sugar problem. But only a doctor can confirm this for sure. Be sure to get regular check-ups.

    And don’t be afraid to talk to your parents about it. Heart palpitations are serious and they can get worse gradually.

    Tell your doctor and your parents everything, they’re there for a reason: to help you.

    And when you next see your doctor ask them if the medication you take for your blood pressure reacts with anything in coffee or soda and how serious it can be.

    Good Luck

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