I have had frequent palpitations for over 2 years now.?

I wen to my local doctor, who send me to the hospital for an MRI. The test came up negative, but I have still had them frequently , daily for 2 years now. Is there something wrong? I really need to know for my health/safety. TY!

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  1. Morpheus says:

    Oh yes – pretty common. I get that too. And doctors don’t tend to know anything except prescription drugs, and they don’t have one for this. How I control it is with magnesium and taurine together. They’re both cheap supplements, so doesn’t cost much. NOW Foods has a good magnesium pill with calcium, zinc and vitamin D.

    NOW also makes a good Taurine pill – although you can get it cheapest through Puritan Pride. Taurine is an amino acid which we make in our bodies – perhaps some people don’t make enough.

    Anyway, together magnesium and taurine have quite a calming effect on nerves and muscles – good for restless leg – even used to treat epileptic seizure! It’s a good combination.

    If you want to read more about the use of these for your heard, get a copy of Dr. Atkins’ “Vita-Nutrient Solution” – you can get it for nothing off Amazon if you buy it used. Atkins was a heart doctor and treated people with supplements all the time.

    For a week or so, I’d use a magnesium pill and a gram or so of taurine at the same time. Do this twice a day – at noon – especially before bed. If that works for you, drop back to one magnesium/day and 1000 mgs of taurine.

  2. kimberley RN says:

    The MRI would not tell the physician anything about why you are having palpitations.

    You would need a full chemical workup and a 12 lead EKG. You could also wear a halter monitor for 24 hours to keep track of your heart rhythms.

    The most common cause of heart ‘palpitations’ is electrolyte imbalances.

    I would not take extra electrolytes without knowing you are deficient first, as high electrolyte levels (such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium) can be very detrimental to cardiovascular health.

  3. littlemall4u says:

    See a doctor for your heart
    maybe it is low iron or potassium

  4. Irem Bright says:

    While we doctors do not know EVERYTHING, we expect patients to be part of their own traetment as well by trying to have some information about the the medical symptoms they present. The niegative result shouldn’t bother you much. But I want to ask you, do your parents have a history of heart attack,heart disease, or do any of your close relatives had it. if yes, that could be a very slight onset of primary heart disease. in thaty case, management, cure and reversing will be entirely based on your early action and life activeities to ensure that it doesnot advance. see the grading on http://knockoutheartdisease.com

  5. Ted J says:

    eat less animal fat.

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