Can drinking coffee in the morning cause some anxiety?

I notice after having coffee, 1-2 cups in the morning, causes me to get anxious, get worked up about small things, i feel heart palpitations,cant sit still, I’ll clean for hrs,my mother says that i should drop the caffine if it affects me like that, but I need the energy from my coffee to run around after my 2 lil kids all day, cuz im a stay at home mom ,otherwise id be exhausted !

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2 Responses to Can drinking coffee in the morning cause some anxiety?

  1. Lost Angel says:

    I believe it can if it causes you these problems
    then I would just give it up.

  2. denisey says:

    I have read several books about mental health and the majority off them agree that coffee is a stimulant and can cause anxiety in sensitive individuals. You do get a lift from it, but then your body downregulates after, meaning that you probably feel tired after this hit. I too am a stay at home mum and really sympathise with you, to me it’s harder than any job i’ve ever done. Why not try and adjust your diet and sleep more if possible. Feeling a bit more awake defintley wouldn’t compensate me for feeling anxious. I’d rather be tired than anxious. Search the net for energy boosting foods, maybe cut the coffee down a little, it takes so much patience with kids and if you edgy it defintley makes it far harder on u. Look after yourself. All the best and good luck.

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