A friend of mine has been taking Aspartame for 15 years. Can she detox and if so how long will it take?

She has many symptoms of Aspartame poisoning the doctors say she has a liver problem.
She is aggresive; mood changes; forgets things easily & irritable.
She also has palpitations; and the shakes; Migraines and lacks force.

Can any one who has detoxed from this horrible poison help??! BTW she is Brazilian and I need to find for her a help group in Brazil if one exists?!

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6 Responses to A friend of mine has been taking Aspartame for 15 years. Can she detox and if so how long will it take?

  1. David says:

    i,ve been using it for as long as it,s been out. why don,t i have these symptoms?

  2. Li says:

    Aspartame is an artificial sweetener.

    Been using it for forever, and never had a problem. You sure it’s not something else.

  3. Flusterated says:

    LOL – “aspartame poisoning”???? The alarmist information you have been reading on the internet is a hoax. The liver problem can be caused from any number of things. To be “poisoned” by aspartame she would have to be consuming unheard of amounts per day every day, which is all but impossible to do. There is another problem causing her symptoms – she needs to have a complete physical along with bloodwork to get to the bottom of it.

  4. ƦєdAиgєℓ says:

    Please check out this website on how to detox from aspartame. Sandra Cabot also has a great program to cleanse the liver that has saved many lives. Aspartame is listed as E951 or phenylalanine as well so avoid these additives. Avoid MSG as this is also an excitotoxin like aspartame. MSG is in everything as it could make dirt taste good. Avoid fast foods as they are loaded with MSG. Also, avoid any product that states vegetable oil, margarine and any oil that is full of polyunsaturated oils. There are so many dangerous chemicals in the supermarket it is criminal what they allow in food products all in the name of profit. I’ll put a few links to check out. On the 12 deadly food additives to avoid, aspartame and MSG are on the list…as they rightly should be. Not sure about a help group in Brazil however.

    How to detox from aspartame:

    The Liver Cleasing Diet:

    Dangers of MSG and number to look out for:

    Oils to cook with:

    12 deadly food additives:

    Complete food additives list:

  5. Bco4th6th says:

    For all of you “geniuses” out there, what the question refers to is overloading the liver with the artificial sweetener. You people who say you have never had a problem with it should step on a scale, because I know each one of you is overweight.

    Aspartame causes the liver to stop producing sugar because when ingested, the liver is expecting some usable calories to follow. When the calories don’t come, then it turns on the hunger response to get the expected calories and makes people eat. This is why people who drink diet sodas are usually overweight.

    To answer the question, there is a product called “Optimal Liver and Kidney” that is put out by Optimal Health Systems that I am using to correct a liver problem. I don’t know if this will address the over-consumption of aspartame, but since it’s (probably) only available through a natural health practitioner, I suggest that you find one and discuss the situation with him.

    Also, I would suggest that your friend stop using any kind of artificial sweeteners and begin using a protocol of water and salt (along with a few supplements) to try and correct the problem by flushing out the toxins if it hasn’t caused permanent damage. This protocol can be found by clicking on the link below.

  6. Genegee says:

    Here are some facts about Aspartame that you may not know but can be checked out. Aspartame finally got FDA approval after 14 years of being rejected by them. Remember Donald Rumsfield,Bushes Secretary of Defense? He personally put pressure on the FDA now you know how it got approved. Did you know that his prior job was CEO of the company that makes Aspartame? Now for some facts;Methyl alcohol, a compound of Aspartame enters the body, it turns into Formaldehyde, a cancer causing carcinogenic. The FDA received more complaints about Aspartame then any other ingredient. l will help a little bit. The last fact was taken form the book Diet for a poisoned planet pg. 166-7 author Steiman.
    As for your friend detox may work. l am doing a detox now that cost me $4.00 for the herb and will plenty left over for another detox later on. The is called chaparral. If used wrong it could end your life. More is not better in this case. If you want to go that way one needs to read up on it not from one source but from several sources. It is a 21 day program and the tea is taken first thing in the morning. Gook luck with your firend.

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