heart palpitations caused by weightlifting?

im 15 and been working a bit heavy but for the past year ive been breathing wrong like i held my breath all the time when pushing the weights up. I have palpitations now although its much less now that i breath normal i went to doctor did ekg and everything he said its nothing but can it be from the breathing?

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  1. Queryman says:

    Your palpitations are due to anxiety and stress.

    Palpitations may be felt accompanying emotions such as excitement, stress, anxiety or fright. Normally a person is not aware of the beating of the heart, but with anxiety or put under stress, or being scared, a person may become aware of his or her own heartbeat.

    Some common causes of palpitations are:

    * Anxiety
    * Some Antidepressant Medications
    * Strong Emotions
    * Fear

    What do anxiety related palpitations feel like?

    * A Racing Heart
    * Skipping Beats
    * Jumping Around Heart
    * Beating/Pounding
    * Fluttering
    * The heart feels as if it is stopping
    * A Flopping sensation in the chest

    Other associated symptoms that may be felt while having palpitations include:

    * Tightness in the chest
    * Shortness of breath
    * Dizziness or lightheadedness
    * Blackouts

    If there is no medical cause, here are some ways to avoid anxiety related palpitations:

    * Change your diet
    * Try to avoid caffeine and cigarettes
    * Avoid Diet pills
    * Learn how to relax

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