Can seasonal allergies cause heart palpitation?

I know for a fact I have seasonal allergies (pollen, grass, oak, etc) as well as other things such as dust and dog so my allergy season is usually all year except for winter.

I stay with my parents for roughly 6 months out of the year. They live in a rural area and it really bothers my allergies. When i’m not there my allergies aren’t as bad.

Since i started living with them (about four years back) I started noticing some heart palpitations. I went to a cardiologist and was told not to worry about the palpitations since i was otherwise healthy.

Now I only seem to get the palpitations when i’m at my parents during allergy season. I wish i could say that the stress of being with my family causes it but, in all honesly, I have less stress when i’m with them then when i’m not.

So does anyone know if there could be a connection between my seasonal allergies and heart palpitations?

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