Can lack of sleep cause heart palpitations?

For about a week straight now ive been having heart palpitations. They almst seem to be constant but get worse at certain times. If i stand to fast i get bad head rushes (dizziness, fainty feeling, palpitations) but i can just be laying there and my heart is pounding. I have indegestion but its not just after i eat, they’re all the time. Its only been this way for a week. Im not the fittess person and i have high stress levls but even if im not stressed, it still does it. Ive been thinking maybe the head rushes and palpitations have been lack of good sleep. I havent gotten a good beneficial sleep in a week or more and ive bene very very tired, hard to get out of bed. Could the palpitations just be from lack of energy? fatigue and insomnia? (im only eighteen and when i was little i was told that my heart speeds up faster then the average person but that doesnt explain why i get palpitations just laying there. I had blood tests done my late sixteenth year and i came out healthy.)
Ive had stages like this before but they didnt last longer then a few days and i dont remember the palpitations being so constant. On the other hand when i went through these stages i was going through depression and didnt much try to get out of bed. Now that im trying to be more active it seems ive ntoiced them alot more.

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3 Responses to Can lack of sleep cause heart palpitations?

  1. Donna B. says:

    I developed severe insomnia in 1997 about sustaining a severe work related injury. I developed a neurological condition called reflex sympathetic dystrophy. Insomnia is one of the symptoms of this disorder. I might fall asleep for 1-2 hrs then I was wide awake. Sleeping pills did not work at all. I returned on modified work and my employer insisted that I had to start at 7:30 AM every day. I was still awake at 03:00AM..Two weeks later the palpitations started, increasing every day. I wore a holter and it showed thousands on VPB’S. Nothing helped to decrease them but sleep. Once I
    was able to sleep properly they completely stopped, but I had them for 8 months.

  2. aziz says:

    yes, it can, try to sleep and relax, an expert cardiology consultation will be of value.

  3. Queryman says:

    Lack of sleep is called insomnia. Read on…

    Can’t sleep at night? A new study published in the journal Sleep has found that people who suffer from insomnia have heightened nighttime blood pressure, which can lead to heart problems. Over many years, chronic insomnia can have negative effects on the hearts of otherwise healthy individuals.

    Whereas blood pressure decreases in regular sleepers and gives their heart a rest, insomnia provokes higher nighttime blood pressure that can cause long-term cardiovascular risks and damage the heart.

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