can chest colds cause heart palpitations?

i’ve had slight shortness of breath for about a month.. it gets worse in the evening.. and its been accompained by being able to feel my heart beating. (its really.. “strong”). i cough sometimes and once in a while i have a little bit of mucus, but not much. i don’t really have any other signs or symptoms. whatever it is though, it won’t go away. do you think this is just a common chest-cold?

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  1. XOUT says:

    Maybe, but over the counter medicines to treat cold symptoms are more likely to cause the palpitations.

    Did you count your heart rate when it is going fast? If it is going 150/minute or more you may have a supraventricular tachycarida.

  2. dave b says:

    i have the same problem although i suffer with asthma, when i feel as you do i know it won’t go away without antibiotics. you really should go and see your doctor and let him/her check it out. and the reason you can feel your heart beating is because you are staining it, it makes you feel like a fish out of water(gasping for breath)you have got a chest infection,don’t suffer it, see your doctor. good luck.

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