Can anxiety cause heart palpitations?

I used to have heart palpitations for about a month until they stopped a few weeks ago. Sometimes it palpitates at least one time a week now. I have been to the doctor, and he doesn’t really know what could have caused it. He thinks it’s a heart valve problem, but I doubt he knows for sure. I do worry about a lot of things. Even in the back of my mind, I worry about things. I’m wanting to know can anxiety be the culprit.

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4 Responses to Can anxiety cause heart palpitations?

  1. mist_dark says:

    An anxiety attack can cause palpitations. You get worked up and your heart begins beating faster and you start feeling your heart racing (which than feeds into the anxiety because now you can feel your heart beating faster). Other things can cause them as well. It can be very difficult to nail down. Several of the people I work with get palpitations because of coffee. I know a woman who gets them when she drinks wine. But, yes, anxiety can cause palpitations.

  2. champion says:

    Yes sir they sure can

  3. Stephen K says:

    Without a doubt, as your tension can cause irregular nerve stimulation

  4. Ed says:

    Anxiety and a bunch of other things can cause palpitations
    including the beverages you ingest. The doctor needs to dig
    a little further and find out problem and work on connecting
    it or you need to get a new doctor.
    Don’t wait. There’s a lot of inexpensive treatment for this

    don’t delay = Take care of yourself.

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